Ready to Change the Color of Your Vehicle?

Here's Just a few of the benefits


First, pick a color. Choose from any color of the rainbow or multiple shades of those colors. Next, choose your finish. Choices are matte, satin, gloss, metallic, brushed and even specialty finishes. The variety of options available at Method Media¬† won’t leave you feeling limited.


Adding a paint wrap to your vehicle is like covering your car in a protective film that shields the original finish from the elements. With the original finish protected you can remove the wrap without the fear of damaging the paint which also preserves the resale value.


Why pay the high cost for a good paint job? A paint wrap, when done by the experts at Method Media, will give you a clean finish that you can enjoy for years. Unlike a paint job, a color change wrap can be easily removed when you to change things up.

Some Vehicles that Made the Color Change

Expertly installed by the pros at Method Media