The ability to transcend traditional ideas to create new meaningful ones

Our Inspiration

Creativity is not a magic or mysterious process. It may sound contradictory but creativity is empowered by constraint. All of Method Media projects start with a brief that contains information about your companies background, insight into your target audience, brand attributes, calls to action, etc. The brief helps us form the intent of each project. It’s only through the intent that we form the constraints that give your project it’s purpose. This is where inspiration is born and where Method Medias leading edge creativity thrives.

Our Creative Toolbox

If you want to increase the possibility of creative excellence you have to increase the size of your creative toolbox. This doesn’t just mean having all the latest design technology like apple computers, Adobe software and large format printers…which we do. It means looking outside of your current abilities to find a variety of techniques and different approaches to a given project. The artist a Method Media are students of our craft, always delving into the world around us learning new Methods to add to our Media toolbox.

Method Media’s 5 Step Design Process

Where your company inspires us and our creativity thrives

Design Requirements

The design brief is where we get the requirements for the project at hand. It let’s us know the intent the design piece should convey to your customers.

Design Concepts

With intent and the purpose of your project, our creativity ignites. We now go to work conceptualizing original ideas to present to you for feedback.

Client Feedback

After careful examination of the design concepts you provide us with detailed feedback that we take back and apply during the design revisions process.

Design Revisions

With your detailed feedback we update the designs and present it to you. We may have to repeat this process a couple of times before the final proof.

Final Concept

Once you’re happy with your design, you sign off on the final concept and, depending on the project, we print, install or digitally deliver your files!

Spread the Word!

Once you receive your finished product we hope you’ll be so happy that you spread the word about Method Media and our professional services.

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